Issues: Cemetery, Sewers, Film, and More

These topics are some of my ideas, current issues, and ones others have shared with me.  I am an open-minded person and in no way anything listed here is the end all be all.  Each topic needs to stand on it own merit.

Cemetery Space

West Boylston is facing a shortage of cemetery space and we must act accordingly to meet this need as required by state law

Film Industry

Many movies have been filmed in the area recently and West Boylston should be selected as a film site, too.
Earlier this year many photographs were uploaded to the MA Film Office’s website with the intent to attract film & television productions to West Boylston.
Those photos can be seen by clicking the link —
I support these efforts.

Sewer System and Costs:

Roughly 60% of West Boylston is connected, by mandate, to the sewer system, and now they deserve relief from high rates.
The Acts of 1895 was a deal made between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and West Boylston, that, in exchange for the construction of the Wachusett Reservoir, if WB decided to construct a sewer system, MA would pay for our costs. The Acts of 1895 were repealed in July 1981.
Sections 9 and 12 of the Acts of 1895 are worth reviewing, but more recent issues are also worth reviewing.
In the video below (2007) town officials recognized the problem with sewer operations and maintenance reporting.  They questioned the specifics and quality of the work considered to be done.

Source: Approved articles from town warrants
as confirmed by town clerk’s office

BOS with state senator Harriette Chandler: March 2007


1.    Are we continuing to petition the state through proper channels to reverse the repealed Acts of 1895 to benefit ratepayers?

2.    Is West Boylston now receiving adequate documentation of work done by Weston & Sampson?

3.    Why was there a spike in 2013 & 2018?

West Boylston citizens have gotten the bad end of the stick in many areas. This is not our cross to bear. Townspeople deserve comprehensive, yet easily understandable, information to make well informed decisions (and ask well informed questions); and they deserve our town representatives to fight for our town’s best interest regardless how tough the fight may be at times.

My opinion, town government should continue to petition the legislature to reinstate the Act of 1895 to give West Boylston rate payers the relief they deserve.  They also need to get accurate information on past, present and future projects/work related to our sewer system operations and maintenance.Town Benefits:M

Other issues currently in review