The decisions we make need to be made prudently
  1. I’m pro-business and we need to attract new businesses to West Boylston.  We have done a poor job nurturing and promoting businesses once they’re here and in some cause have worked against them as a whole.  We can do better.
  2. I believe in the democratic process.  When something is brought in front of a body of elected or appointed officials, or to town meeting, the vote is the vote.  The town voted to allow marijuana dispensaries and manufactures to exist in West Boylston.
  3. The economic benefit is potentially big.  Between taxes, utilities, 3-6% sales compensations as well as promised civic and charitable contributions these proposals cannot be ignored.

The question:  Are these businesses good or bad for the town as a whole. I think it would be good to have a representative of local businesses address this and other issues in town that affect them as well. We’ve ignored them for far too long and they should have a voice. 

Also, if there is opposition and concerns raised, moral or otherwise, they need to be addressed in the proper meetings and our officials need to act on them. This means we all have to be diligent to our convictions and beliefs to follow through and get involved.  

In general, economic growth and controlled spending are necessary to fulfill our potential. Too often the more money you throw at a problem the worse it gets.
The idea that homeowners and businesses will pay less if we have more tax money coming in is folly.

My opinion, I do not believe pot manufacturing and distribution is good overall for
West Boylston.