Cable Service

Cable Service:

I worked for Greater Media Cable in the 1980’s and Charter in the 2000’s. I currently am sub-contracted by Comcast which gives me the opportunity to work with Cox, Verizon, At&t, and at least a dozen communications companies all across New England. 
I have also served the town in various positions with WBPA (our public access station) and the cable advisory board.  I am intimately aware of Charter’s operations and how they stack up against other providers.

The landscape for tv, phone and internet services have been changing rapidly for 20+ years.
Most home are trending away from having a home phone or landline and many are dropping cable tv choosing to watch shows over the internet or streaming.  With internet, it’s not the speed which tends to be the problem, it’s something called latency. I liken it to a fast car on a pothole infested road.  Speed doesn’t help in this situation.

My opinion, continue to follow the three steps listed here which are also found on the town’s website under cable advisory board. This is the best way to put pressure on Charter to upgrade/improve customer service and documents problems with the Department of Telecommunications which is where competing communications companies get their information.

  1. Call Charter customer service to indicate the dissatisfaction, and if not satisfied with the response, specifically request that the matter be escalated to the next level to be resolved. (Others have indicated that just calling customer service on repeated occasions does not seem to be effective in resolving issues.) The Charter Customer Service number is 1-888-438-2427.
  2. Call the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Cable (Consumer Division) at 617-305-3531 or 800-392-6066 to express your concern.
  3. Submit complaint in writing to the CTAC/Town Administrator’s office requesting that the concern be forwarded to Charter.